Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's best to give...

I left for South Africa with two huge duffels of donated socks and underwear as well as a sizable sum of money in the bank to spend on the children once I got there. We chose 31 needy children and purchased for them new school shoes and matching uniform socks. We chose a day to call in the guardians to collect the shoes and later distributed the socks and underwear to the volunteers who work at Aletuke and the children who attend.

We labeled all the shoe boxes with the child's name and inserted their matching uniform socks.

They marked their list and checked it twice.

All the socks and underwear were laid out on a table by size and gender.

The guardians arrived to collect the shoes and we sent them home with socks and underwear for themselves too.

The volunteers who work at the center also got sent home with socks, underwear and a washing cloth for themselves and their own children.

These are the faces of the beautiful children who each received a pair of socks, underwear, washcloth and two pens or pencils for school. Their names were written down to make sure that every child gets what they need. Once all the Aletuke children were provided for house visits were made to other vulnerable families until the supplies were gone. Over 300 children and about 150 adults received donated items.

Thanks to all of you who donated to my project. You made a lot of kids smile.

These are some of my older kids. They were just practicing a drama they created on alcohol and abuse. They will be performing it later at a competition. I'm so proud of them.