Saturday, February 2, 2008

Darcy update as of 02/02/08

Surprise! On 1/31 Darcy was given a card to "call home" to let us know that she arrived in South Africa safely. She will be staying, for the time being, in the Province of Limpopo for the start of her training and will be spending 4 hours per day learning Sepedi (one of the official language of Limpopo) and Afrikaans. The remainder of each day she will be learning/living the culture & visiting schools, clinics, homes, markets, banks, etc. She was at a school when she called and said that she had taken along her frizbee and had been playing with the children....they loved it!
"Gabotse," Darcy's Mom

Darcy update as of 01/28/08

Hi All,
This is Darcy's Mom. Darcy called on January 28th, having spent her first full orientation day in Philidelphia. She said she was already a little homesick (which surprised her, I think) but was doing okay and had met some great people. There are 30 volunteers in her initial orientation group; her roommate is Kim, a 40-year-old woman from Buffalo, NY. They are to fly to Frankfort, Germany, overnight on the 29th (with a 20 hour lay-over) and then to Johannesburg, South Africa, overnight on the 30th.
Will try to keep you all posted as we hear from her.
Darcy, We love you and miss you. Mom & Dad