Sunday, February 28, 2010


Kristen and I spent 4 days touring (with a group tour) the sand dunes of Namibia as well as a few other sights.  It was a lot of bumpy riding but well worth it.  Our first morning out we got up to see the sun rise over the red sand dunes of the desert.   So beautiful.

We hiked up "dune 45" to start the day.  It was really difficult compounded with how out of shape I am.

After enjoying the view from the top we headed down for breakfast.  The down part was the most fun.

We spent 2 nights at this beautiful campsite way out in the middle of the desert.  We ate very well and slept comfortably in big tents and on thick foam mats.  Our guides were awesome and we even had our own private chef.

One of my favorite shots on the trip.  These ladies were just hanging out on the side of the road.  I took this from the truck.

I took advantage of the opportunity to go quad biking through the dunes.  It was so much fun.  I would love to go out there again but with no rules attached.  

We made out way out to a huge dune they keep track-free just for sand boarding.  Just a piece of tag board and a little turtle wax and off you go.  It was walking back up that was the pain in the ass.

This is a dried up river bed we walked along.  Super cool.  You could see all kinds of fossils of fish, shells and other wildlife from when the water once flowed.

Rock stacking is not just for Wonderland anymore.  I left my mark in Namibia.

This is our tour group.  We were with a couple from Italy, a couple from Canada and a woman from Australia.  They were a great bunch to travel with.  Lots of laughs and good conversation.

Yup... I was there!

Nothing like a perfect Namibian desert sunset to end out last night there.