Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Around...

"Hot pot" night. Each person has a pot of hot soup in fron of them then you put ANYTHING you want in it. And the options are many. MANY! The guy showing the peace sign is Tom, my roommate. The other guy is also Tom, boyfriend of my friend, Erika (#73). Winnie is on the phone. That was such a fun night. We stayed for over 3 hours talking and eating.

You can purchase almost anything on the streets here if you know where to go. Under this overpass you can buy a drillpress of your choice.

If I ever come back as a homeless dog in another life I hope it's in Taiwan.

This was my first cold, lonely, echoey, institutional, kitchenless apartment with a florescent light outside my window that made it daylight 24/7. I'm so happy to have this place behind me.

The shower head is right on the wall. Not a problem until you forget to hide your toilet paper away.

Just the top of a temple. I never saw the actual temple but after seeing the roof I sure would like to.

There was some sort of celebration going on the week I arrived. Food was offered to the Gods and the ancestors then taken home by people who attended.

It took days to set up and just one night to consume.

The display had moving, human sized parts. It was beautiful to watch with traditional chinese music playing in the background.

This character was walking around collecting money. I think it was to help buy all the food for the event.

This is the night market shopping area near my home. If you like shoes and your feel are an 8.5 or smaller, this is the place for you. But if you are a clothing size bigger than a size 8 just shoot yourself in the foot now and stay home.

Typical mode of transportation. Note that there are 4 people on this scooter.

When someone dies these are put out in front of the home to show that there is a death in the family. What it says I don't know. Give me another 5 years of Chinese lessons.

This is a fire place for burning (fake) money to make sure the ancestors have abundance in heaven and to show your respect .

This is my city taken from the mountain behind my home.

Beautiful Buddah

This beautiful Buddah is 86ft tall and resides beside a most magnificent temple on top of the mountain right behind my apartment building. It overlooks the city and is visited by people from all over Taiwan (and it's right in my backyard). There are many Buddahs inside the temple with different spiritual gifts and strengths for different purposes. For example there is a Buddah for farming, health, abundance, spirituality, fertility, strength etc. It's a very peaceful place to visit.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something Special for Dad

My friend, David, and I were walking by this train station. As a little spontaneous "field trip" he took me in to check out the only train parking lot in the country of Taiwan. We were really lucky because just as we got there they were preparing to park a train and they don't do this every day. This is for you, Dad.