Thursday, January 24, 2008

Africa... Here I Come!

January 27th -- The Adventure Begins!!
Stay tuned for more exciting news from Africa!


Ian said...

I am so proud of you Darcy! I know you will be the one that really can make a difference. You made a positive difference in my life... Good luck over there and I am looking so forward to the expiditions and adventures you have!

Darin said...

Good Luck Darcy! I will be following your exploits on your blog and, of course, through Mom. What an adventure lies ahead!
Love You

Dan Stillman said...

Hey Ras! It's your turn to be the "go to person" when someone needs a jumpstart. Remember you are "Duracell" Stillman with energy that lasts and lasts. Ohm my, you will have an adventure... hopefully nothing too re-volting.
Watts that you say? You are current-ly overwhelmed by your new charge? I'm not shocked. Just avoid being static, and go with the flow. Avoid the negative and I'm positive you will have an electrifying experience. Keep your spark, sweetie, em-power and parallel those that you serve and share a common series of healthy outlets. We will keep in contact and wire you (or send you a line now and then) to ease your load and make the next two years seem like a short circuit. I Love you, Dan

charli said...

Hello Darcy! Tristan Marcos Duarte arrived on March 16th, 2008! He was born at 5:20pm weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces and 21 inches long! I had a c-section after a day or so of unsuccessful labor. But he is beautiful and marcos and i have fallen hoplessly in love! Grammy took a bus down and spent about 4 days in the hospital with us! We are thinking of you and hope all is well! love,
The 3 of us!